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Ever look at a sink full of dirty dishes and think to yourself, ugh dishes! In our kitchen, dishes are a constant chore to provide our customers with sanitary conditions for their desserts. I started my food and beverage career at the Gaylord Texan working as a hostess at the Glass Cactus nightclub during college. Upon graduating from University of North Texas, I secured a job at the Gaylord Texan as the Food Safety Manager overseeing 11 food and beverage restaurants at the Resort. I took multiple food safety courses and earned my ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification. I oversaw hundreds of employees and chefs. I even helped our resort bring up our food safety standards to one of the highest scores for the Marriott food safety in the nation. I reflect on my time with the Gaylord Texan fondly. I learned so many things about the food and beverage industry that I incorporate in our home bakery. One of those things, is food safety. Julie and I are always conscious of food storage, cleanliness, and proper food handling. With us at the helm, you can trust us with your desserts. We have a such deep passion for our food and customers.

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